A Guide to Buying Property in Ashkelon

For those who are considering purchasing property in Ashkelon, we hope that you intend to make your dreams come true. However, the entire process of buying real estate in Ashkelon may involve strange customs and terminologies, mortgages and perhaps other unknown variables. Therefore, whether you’re a new buyer or experienced in real estate markets, there are a few major and minor pitfalls associated with real estate transactions that you need to know about.

Step-by-step guide

Here is a brief guide to finding and purchasing the right property in Ashkelon while following the proper procedures.

Deciding on location

When deciding where to buy your home, consider being close to your contemporaries. It’s worth noting that different peer groups tend to settle in clusters in certain areas and if you’re interested in being closer to your peers then this is a factor you need to consider when deciding on a location. It’s also suggested that you ask around about the quality of services in the area to assist with your decision making.

It’s also important to check out the schools, shopping centers and other social amenities and decide whether they meet your specific requirements. There is no reason to purchase a home in an area where you are uncomfortable with the services provided.

Types of property   

In order to save time and resources, make a list of the important features that you’re looking for in a home. This could include features such as a balcony, access to an elevator, garden space, and parking.

You will also need to have an idea of property size and location. With these details on hand it will be easier to get an idea of prices, mortgages and other property related costs. Also, keep in mind that taxes and other commissions will need to be added to the price.


Negotiations involved in the purchase of real estate can be simple or complex depending on the property in question. When negotiating, it is important to determine what is being sold, its price, when the property will be vacated and the mode.