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About Ashkelon

Ashkelon, the City of Gardens, is located along Israel’s southern coast and is considered the capital of the Ashkelon District. It has recreation and tourism centres and is in a constant development boom. The city has a population of 128,000 and its jurisdiction extends over 55,00 dunams, not far short of the size of Tel Aviv, making it one of Israel’s largest population centre. Ashkelon has a national park adjacent to the coast , spacious parks, modern construction, breathtaking beaches and a high quality of life. All this, combined with and advanced education system from pre-compulsory kindergarten age to academic education, a medical centre, recreation and leisure sports for children, youth and adults, create a city that offer extraordinary advantages to its residents.

The city’s location between the sea and the outskirts of the desert give the residents a comfortable, temperate climate throughout the year.

Ashkelon is one of the oldest cities in the world and is replete with history. At its centre there are ancient sites, among the rarest in the world, alongside green agricultural area extending into the horizon. In the last decade alone, Ashkelon has absorbed over 40,000 new residents including immigrants and young families who have been drawn by the charm of its quality of life. Thousands of housing units were built in spacious residential neighbourhoods, new pre-schools,and schools were opened and the industrial parks continue to expand.

Ashkelon surely must be one of Israel’s best kept secrets and the ideal place to fulfil the dream of living in Israel. Sun, sea, beautiful beaches, clean, shopping facilities, schools, industry, excellent road and rail services and so much more….

Greetings from the Mayor

The following is an extract from the Ashkelon Municipal website.
Dear Visitors,
Since the dawn of history 5,000 years ago, Ashkelon, due to its strategic location as an important port, has attracted many people and varied populations who lived in the city and contributed to its prosperity. You can find evidence of this in almost every corner of the city, and experience an entire world of history, archeology, and exciting and fascinating cultural riches.
Alongside the city’s magnificent past, while conserving and nurturing these important ancient assets, Ashkelon has moved forward over the years and today it is one of the most highly regarded cities in Israel, with positive migration that is constantly growing. The city is spread over 55,000 dunams (5,500 hectares) and its roughly 149,000 residents.
This dynamic city boasts a high quality of life, excellent educational institutions, rich and varied leisure activities for the entire population with many recreation spots located around the city.
I invite you to visit Ashkelon and enjoy the many attractions that the city has to offer. Among other things, you can stroll along 12 kilometers of spectacular sea shore, have fun at the Sea Park located on Delilah Beach, and spend time at the beautiful marina with its new large commercial center, cinema, cafés, and restaurants. In Tel Ashkelon National Park, covering 2,000 dunams (200 hectares), you can enjoy an entertainment and camping experience with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. There is also an impressive cultural center, shopping malls, new hotels, and the bustling Migdal antiquities site that will give you a glimpse of where it all began – and many other enchanting and fascinating spots that will make you want to visit Ashkelon time and again.
Ashkelon is a place where past and present blend perfectly into a modern, groundbreaking and progressive city, which maintains its special character and supplies the needs of all its residents and visitors. The breathtaking views from the height of the promenade, the never-ending sea shore, hotels that are a short walking distance to the sea, green open spaces, and inviting lawns, comfortable weather and colorful markets together with established restaurants alongside contemporary eateries will leave you with an appetite for more, and of course the warm and wonderful people who will always welcome you – all these make Ashkelon a city that it’s easy to fall in love with and always fun to return to.
We look forward to seeing you here in Ashkelon,
Tomer Glam
Mayor of Ashkelon

Information for Olim

Courtesy of The Jewish Agency for IsraelGlossary of Useful Administrative Terms

  • Bituach Leumi                                   The National Insurance – responsible for welfare payments, pensions, child benefit, unemployment
  • Kupat Cholim                                     Health Insurance fund
  • Misrad HaKlita                                 Ministry of Immigrant Absorption – responsible for most Aliyah benefits 
  • Misrad HaPnim                                Interior Ministry (responsible for issuing Teudat Zehut,Teudat Ma’avar, Passports, changing addresses etc.)
  • Teudat Ma’avar                                Temporary passport
  • Teudat Oleh                                        Oleh benefits booklet
  • Teudat Zehut                                      Identity card
  • Sal Klita                                                Financial assistance paid in the 6 months following Aliyah
  • Ulpan                                                     Hebrew classes

For More Information, visit the Jewish Agency for Israel Website:

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Fire Service102
Electric Company Hotline103
Municipality Hotline106 / 08-6792306
IDF Home Front Command1207
Barzilai Hospital08-6745700
Life Guard – Delila Beach08-6736929
Life Guard – Bar Kochba Beach08-6716614

Health Providers

MaccabiHagvura 3(08) 6747666 or *3555 http://www.maccabi4u.co.il/1781-he/Maccabi.aspx
MeuhedetHagvura 11(08) 6741741 or *3833 http://lang.meuhedet.co.il/
LeumitBeit Frank, Rechov Herzl 30(08) 6790555 http://www.leumit.co.il/eng/homepage.asp
ClalitEli Cohen 9, 7th floor(08) 67772333 or *2700 http://www.clalit.co.il/he-il/english
Bikur RofehBeit Frank, Rechov Herzl 30(08) 6728989 or *6101
Barzilai HospitalRechov Ha’histradrut(08) 6745700www.barzilaimc.org.il


Ashkelon has more than 160 synagogues, the majority of which are Sephardi.

There are a number of Ashkenaz synagogues, the most popular with the English speaking community being:

Central Synagogue, Afridar, Telephone (Gary Donovan) 08 6843171

Barnea Synagogue, Telephone 052 637 4667

Chabad is very active in the city and the Chabad Rabbi, Rabbi Lieberman, is an English speaker.

Tel: 08 675 4913,

email: chabad@chabadashkelon.com
Web: http://www.chabadashkelon.com/

There is also one Conservative Synagogue.

Kehillat Netzach Israel, 8 Harel Street, POB. 5041 Ashkelon 78150

Tel: 08-6711370/1 Fax: 08-6757636 Web: www.netzach-israel.org.il


The 10 kilometer-long Ashkelon beach attracts both local and foreign beach-goers. Ashkelon, proclaimed a national tourism site, is rapidly developing this sphere.

Five hotels and resort centers are already operating in the city.
Tourists and vacationers have at their disposal restaurants and pubs, sports facilities and heated swimming pools, the “Ashkeluna” water amusement park, two country clubs, an amphitheater, a tennis club, museums, cinemas, bowling alleys, fishing spots, and bathing beaches equipped with all the necessary amenities.

The Ashkelon Marina Area has a 600-vessel docking capacity making it one of the largest marinas in Israel.
Planned for the area behind the marina is a tourist complex of hotels, vacation units, shopping, entertainment centers, tourist services and more.

Public Transport


The bus services are very comprehensive in Ashkelon with many local lines and Inter-City Lines.

There are two bus stations, one in the city centre next to the Giron Shopping Mall, the other in the Migdal area.

You can also get comprehensive information, plan your journey and access the full inter-city timetable at http://egged.co.il/Eng


The Ashkelon Railway Station is situated on the outskirts of the city (click here for map). Trains run towards Tel Aviv and the North with connections to all parts of the country.

The rail company can be called by dialling *5770 from any phone or visit their website for full details of services, timetable, tickets etc at http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/Homepage.aspx


There are several Taxi services in the city. Here are details of just three:

ShaonAshkelon(08) 6788888
DegelAshkelon(08) 6711111
ShimshonAshkelon(08) 6755555

Volunteer Opportunities

Ya’al at Barzilai Hospital(08) 6745301
Osnat El-Ezra, Ashkelon’s volunteer co-ordinator:(08) 6748704

Advice and Help

Carmit OchianCitizen’s Advice Bureau(08) 67219444
Yad Sarah8 Rechov Ariel(08) 6711532
Yedid1 Ba’al Shem Tov Street(08) 6782213 or 6718656