How Ashkelon Property Prices Compare to the Rest of Israel

Ashkelon, the seaside city with breath-taking views and a desirable way of life, it’s no wonder investors and locals alike are snatching up property in this sought after area.

If you’ve been considering investing in a property in Israel, Ashkelon is by far one of the best options. Not only because of the major growth the area is currently experiencing but also because it offers the most value for money in terms of the types of properties you’re able to purchase compared to other parts of Israel.

How property prices compare

When you compare property prices in and around Israel, it’s best to look at the price per square meter. The average price of property in Ashkelon is around NIS 10,000 per square meter, while areas further inland are a lot pricier. The per square meter price in Ashdod and Netanya comes in between NIS 14,000 – NIS 15,500 while prices per square meter in areas like Rishon Letziyon, Bat Yam and Tel Aviv can come in at anything from NIS 17,500 to a sky-high NIS 31,000 per square meter.

Factors that play a role in property prices

There are several factors that will play a role in the price of your property in Ashkelon, a few of which include:
– Location
– Building Floor Location. Ie: Ground/First Floor
– Renovations
– Garden
– Mirpeset or Porch
– Elevator Availability
– Safe Room