A Brief Guide to the Neighborhoods in Ashkelon, Israel

Ashkelon is a beautiful coastal city in the Southern District of Israel that is rich with culture so it’s not hard to imagine living there permanently.

More and more investors are seeing the appeal in investing in real estate or even relocating to this seaside city and if you’re thinking about doing the same, this is what you need to know about the various neighborhoods that make up Ashkelon.


This was one of the first areas to be established in Ashkelon and is located quite close to the sea. The area boasts both new and older properties. Afridar stems up the hill and into Afridar Centre, where you will also find several new developments and some older properties. This area offers easy access to clinics, shopping centers, bus terminals and hospitals.


This area is where most of the newer apartments and homes are being constructed so everything is fresh and there are lots of new families moving in here. Barnea is also an area where you will find more variety in terms of property price points so you’ll very likely find something that suites your requirements. This neighborhood is filled with parks for children to play and has a very family orientated atmosphere.


This specific neighborhood borders both Afridar and Barnea. There is still some construction going on in this area but it is mostly complete. Marina will be a hub for recreational activities and will draw in both residents and holiday makers.