A Brief History of Ashkelon

Starting out as just a seaport, Ashkelon dates back all the way to the Neolithic age. This was known because of the abundance of Neolithic artifacts scattered throughout the area. Ashkelon was also a trading post in biblical times and is also known as the place where Delilah cuts Samson’s hair. The seaport was destroyed in 1270 by the Mamluks.

The Arab village of al-Majdal was established a short way from the site of the Ashkelon seaport and became part of the British Occupied Enemy Territory Administration in 1918. In 1920, Ashkelon became part of Mandatory Palestine but was later the forward position of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force based in Gaza.

Jewish people moved to al-Majdal in 1949 and the name of the village eventually transitioned to Migdal Ashkelon. In 1953 the neighborhood of Afridar was incorporated into the area and the town as a whole was permanently referred to as Asheklon. By 1961, the area’s population had grown to 24 000 and 126 819 by 2014.

It was in 1949 that the first major developments started taking place and Ashkelon has now evolved into the booming area that it is today. It’s Ashkelon’s rich history, beautiful shorelines and the multitude of business and investment opportunities that make it such an attractive residential and retirement prospect for families as well as those looking to invest.