What to Expect Once you Relocate to Ashkelon

Moving can be quite a daunting task as there are so many factors at play such as your new job, what the locals might be like and of course everything else that needs to be taken care of in order to relocate your children. You are probably also wondering what the area has to offer and whether it has all the necessary facilities to make you feel at home.

Ashkelon is an excellent place to raise a family and an even better place to visit on your own. With over 130,000 residents, you’ll never be short of conversation. The people in this area are kind, respectful and always willing to help a neighbor in need. Many people think of Israel as a hotbed for violence among other common stereotypes but this is nothing more than ignorance. Ashkelon has been closely associated with violence because of the missile attack by Hama. This is the only time you are likely to hear anyone discussing the area and that is simply an unfair way to form a view of the city.

What people don’t see is the religious community that is devoted to doing the right thing and making the world a better place. When you look at Ashkelon as a whole, you should see its families and the communities that make up this city. These are friendly people who focus on education and community togetherness more than anything else. Apart from that, you should know about the amazing food that is served in the local restaurants, the majority of which is Kosher as this is standard practice in the area.

The north park is the perfect place to enjoy a day out because of the beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed by children and families. The community may not speak a great deal of English but thanks to the internet and local offices, learning the local languages and customs should not be a concern as help and information is readily available.

So why not take a trip and stay awhile?